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          We can provide you with personalized customization according to your needs. Please fill out the form as shown below.

          What is customization?

          You only need to fill in your needs and purpose. We will provide personalized customization for you.

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          Handler Strengths
          About Handler

          The Story Begins Here...

          Broad Vision and Prospect, Smart Handler

          Powerful Handler

          The Handler has four national high-tech enterprise member companies, two intelligent manufacturing research institutes, as well as provincial-level enterprise technology center. It is an equipment contractor recognized by Army's General Armaments Department, a T-3 unit with military confidential qualification, a standard unit with integration of information technology and industrialization, and a special vehicle and fire truck manufacturing enterprise recognized by the National Ministry of Industry and Information and the Ministry of Public Security.

          Intellectual Property Right

          As of the end of 2016, the Handler has a total of 250 valid patents, including 34 invention patents; and wins 38 software copyrights.
          • 250
            Valid patents
          • 34
            Invention patents
          • 38
            Software copyrights
          Smart Handler
          Vision Wins Future and Innovation Manifests Value
          We are committed to the intelligent equipment manufacturing to strive to be industry expert and pioneer. We are engaged in all activities in good faith to be the creator of social well-being.

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